This is 5th grade work if you needed to know
This is 5th grade work if you needed to know - 1


Answer 1
Answer: To find volume multiply base times width times height. 
The dimensions of the fridge is 36 x 35 x 70. 
Multiply 36 x 35 to get 1260. 
Multiply 1260 x 70 to get 88200. 
The volume of the fridge is: 88,200 cubic inches. 
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Answer 2


88,200 cubeic in.

88,200 = volume

Step-by-step explanation:

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48 because 4x2=8 and 1x4=4 
which makes 48

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1. each cube is 1/8 of a cubic unit, so the volume total would be 3 and 1/8 cubic unit
2. 268 in^2
3. 9/11

Plz help...
6b - 49 =2(b - 3)


You always start by simplifying.
6b-49=2(b-3) becomes 6b-49=2b-6
From there you can group the b's together by subtracting 2b from both sides, leaving you with 4b-49=-6
Now you can get the b's alone by adding 49 (to cancel out -49) to both sides, giving you 4b=43, You're still trying to get b by itself, so what you'll do is divide both sides by 4, giving you b=10.75
6b - 49 =2(b - 3)\n 6b-49=2b-6\n 4b=43\n b=(43)/(4)

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2 1/6 is the answer. Just subtract 3 2/3 minus 2 1/2

What is 283 divided it by 5



Answer: 56.6

*Hope that helps XD *

How many quarter hours are in 5 hours?


There is a few ways to get the result.
Lets try this.
First calculate how many minutes are in the 5 hours.
60min*5=300min - in 5 hours
Now, knowing that quarter is 15min we can divide 300 by 15 to get the result, so
300:15=20 - its the result.
i would do this with a proportion. we know 4 quarter hours are in 1 hour, so how many are in 5?
4/1 = x/5
cross multiply
there are 20 quarter hours in 5 hours.