Which of the following resulted from the palmer raids of 1919 and 2020


Answer 1
Answer: the formation of the American Civil Liberties Union

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The Battle of Normandy began June 6, 1945. a. True b. False
Which description shows an effect of the Americanization of global culture? a) many different cultures mixing within the United States b) India forming its own film industry, known as Bollywood c) rock and roll music forming from blues, jazz, and country music d) Beatnik writers setting the stage for the 1960s hippies
Which of the following are distinctive features of the Australian ballot? Select all that apply.A. it is a secret ballot B. names of all candidates appear on a single ballot C. it is a short ballot D. it is prepared by the state or county at public expense E. it is printed by the state's majority party F. it is distributed at polling places by election officials
What program was put together to provide jobs and electricity to rural areas of the United States?
Select all that apply. The invention of the printing press had which effect on the common people? they learned about freedom they became better educated they took jobs writing books they demanded a say in government they grew more crops​

What concession did Grant make to Lee in his terms of surrender?


The Confederates are essentially called "rebels" by the fact that they broke away from the union to make their own Sovereign state, namely the Confederate States of America. So during the talks of surrender, Grant made a generous offer. He offered that Lee and his men would NOT be tried for treason under the condition that they turn in their arms. He also allowed them to keep their personal belongings which in a situation such as this, a betrayal of a Union, is almost unheard of. This allowed Lee's men to return home and work on the rebuilding of the South without any fear of repraisal.

The constitutional issue at the heart of united states v. nixon is best described asA)whether the sepreme Court could hear the case B) the right of a president to resist impeachment
C) the extent to which the seperation of powers was allowed
D) wheatherlaws had been broken during the watergate incident



C) the extent to which the separation of powers was allowed


The United States v. Nixon was a case in which Richard Nixon (The President at the time) was accused of being involved in the Watergate Scandal (1972). In the Court, the Supreme Court ordered him to deliver the unedited tape recordings and documents related to such event. However, Nixon refused to do so, claiming his "Executive Privilege", that is to say, his right as President to withhold information from other government branches to preserve confidential communications within the executive branch or to secure the national interest.

The constitutional issue at the heart of the case was the extent or scope of the powers of the executive and the judicial. Did the President have the power to withhold information and not show it to the other branches, and until what point? And did the Judicial have the power to order him to deliver such "confidential" documents?

At the end of the case, the result did not favor the President as the Court determined that the executive privilege had limits and it wasn't immune from judicial review, regarding the demands of due process of law, and he had to show the evidence.

actually, the answer would be C. 

Who was shot during the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan and later lobbied for tighter handgun laws?a. John Hinckley
b. George Bush
c. Oliver North
d. James Brady


The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: "a. John Hinckley." The man who was shot during the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan and later lobbied for tighter handgun laws is a. John Hinckley


the correct answer is D james brady bc Johns hinckley was the person trying to kill the presdident


How might European interest in exploration have increased as a result of the Crusades?


European interest in exploration might have increased following the Crusades due to the loss of power in the Middle East and the desire to gain power in other regions and in some ways more importantly more inexpensive trade routes to Asia. In seeking to find a sea route to Asia the Europeans sought to bypass the high costs of land trade and travel through Western Asia following the Muslim victories in the Crusades.

Use the law of sines to find the missing side of the triangle.find the distance between c and a.
the angles are 48, 58, and 74.
the measure between angles b and c is 50.


Law of Sines to find missing side

Using the Law of Sines to Find an Unknown Side. The Law of Sines states: Remember that a stands for the side across from angle A, b is the side across from angle B, and c is the side across from angle C. Once again, this law is extremely useful because it works for any triangle, not just a right triangle.

Hope this helps!!

Final answer:

To find the missing side (AC) of the triangle using the law of sines, use the equation AC/sin(48) = 50/sin(58). Solve for AC to get AC = 50 * sin(48)/sin(58). Calculate the result to find the length of side AC.


To find the missing side of a triangle using the law of sines, we need to know the measure of the two angles and the length of one side. Given that angle B is 58 degrees, angle C is 48 degrees, and the length of side BC is 50, we can start by using the law of sines to set up an equation that relates these angles to their opposite sides.

According to the law of sines, the ratio of the length of a side to the sine of its opposite angle is the same for all three sides of the triangle. So, let's say that side AC is the side we want to find (the one between points C and A).

We have: AC/sin(48) = 50/sin(58). By cross-multiplying and solving for AC, we get AC = 50 * sin(48)/sin(58).

So, all we need to do is plug the values of the sines of the angles into this equation and calculate the result, which will give us the length of AC.

Learn more about Law of Sines here:



By following Jesus’s teachings, Christians believe they can attain


Eternal Life. The idea is that a person's soul will be redeemed by the sacrifice of Christ and saved from punishment in hell. The idea is that your soul will live on after the death of the body, and eventually you will be judged. If you are judged as a christian, you are saved from eternal punishment in hell and are given a new body with which to live in in a perfect world. The beliefs vary slightly depending on the denomination, but that it the main idea. 

Answer: Savior


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